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Cargo Load Shifts, Transfers

Overloaded Tractor Trailer? Did your cargo shift to one side of the tractor trailer? Overloaded on your tandems we can help! Our towing services include cargo load shifts, load swaps & transfers in Chicagoland and Northern Illinois. We are equipped to handle any scenario, weather it’s picking up a heavy or light load from the ground, fixing a load shift on a trailer to a Cargo Load Swap on to another trailer. More info on Towing Services.

Heavy Duty & Recovery Services

We can handle just about anything, anywhere, anytime:

  • Cargo, Weight Distribution,
  • Load Shifts, Transfers
  • Cargo Load Swaps
  • Cargo Clean Ups
  • Cargo Recovery
  • Cargo Transport
  • Forklift Service
  • Loading Dock Service
  • Cargo Storage & Transport

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Forklift Service, Cargo Recovery

  • Onsite Load Cargo Swaps
  • Cargo Haul Away & Storage
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Pallet Jack Service
  • Forklift Service

 Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair:

Semi Truck Battery Service: We Can Re-charge dead batteries, we have a Mobile Road Service truck equipped to jump start, charge or change batteries.

Diesel Delivery & Priming, Diesel Gelling: This usually happens when temperatures drop below zero, we are able to get them back on the road, by changing filters & Refueling, & Priming.

Semi Truck Jump Start, Pull Starts: This a quick jump start, (most cases just needs a little boost to re start vehicles back up) Pull Starts can only be done on manual transmission, this is done when a truck has a bad starter or just simply needs a quick boost.

Engine Computer Diagnostics: 24 Hour Onsite Truck Diagnostics, Emergency Response Units, Ready & Equipped to scan any fault code, whether its an engine code, Transmissions, ABS, DEF, after treatment systems and more. More Info on Mobile Road Service

24/7 Secured Storage: We can store any vehicle or semi truck, specially if customer wants to open up a claim for towing coverage, sometime that could take a couple of days. We also store trailers when Truck dealer don’t want the trailers, or when they need someone to store it while company oranges to be picked up.

Heavy Duty Towing Services:

HD Winching Service, Ditch Pull Outs: Jack Knives, Off Road Winching, Tractor Trailer Ditch Pull Outs, Mud & Snow Extrication. Trailer & Reefers Recovery.

Towing & Recovery Services: Roll Overs, Accidents, Wrecks, Bridge Recovery Services, Under water, stuck on upon objects, Clean Ups. After the recovery we can store your wrecked or disabled vehicle in our secure storage facility until your insurance company is able to send out an adjuster. We Can recovery any vehicle in any situation, We Work Closely and Bill All Major Insurance Companies.

Tractor Swaps: This Service is usually requested when a company semi tractor breaks down and has a loaded trailer, they will need another working tractor towed to breakdown location to continue with the delivery.

Semi Truck Decking & Un-Decking. Piggy Backing: Transportation Companies usually call and request for a tow truck to unload units from their tractor trailers. This is usually done onsite at the dealerships. The are able to haul up to 4 tractors at a time, some times we have to unload in multiple locations.

Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair: Mobile Service for Truck & Trailers, Equipment: We provide 24/7 Emergency Road Service, Mobile Semi Truck & Trailer Repair, we can service anything, semi trucks, trailers, tractors, any machinery, bobcats, any industrial machinery or equipment. Welding, Battery Service, Fuel Service, Suspension, Brakes Chambers, Drive Lines, Drive Shafts, Replace Hydraulic Hoses. Mobile Roadside will also include and its part of roadside assistance. Jump Starts, Battery Charging Services, Fuel Delivery, Tire Sales & Service.

Tire Sales & Service: 24 Hr Emergency Response, we can service any truck or trailer, onsite, whether its in a construction site or street or any highway. we are able to provide new or used tires.

More info on Heavy Duty Towing.

Recovery and Winching Service

Have you gotten your tractor-trailer stuck in a ditch? Are you trapped in mud or snow? Did you get into a serious crash and need help getting your semi to a service shop? No matter what the situation, roadside assistance is just a phone call away!

Our best trained professionals will come out to you, determine if they can fix any problems, and if not, will tow your semi-tractor to the appropriate body shop or local mechanic to have services rendered. No matter where you are, you won’t have to wait long. If our mechanics can’t fix the problem on-the-spot, our tow trucks will bring the car back to Speedy G or tow it to a nearby mechanic, body shop, or other service center for further assistant.

Recent Reviews of Speedy G Towing

Denise F

Thank you Speedy G Towing!!! I was stuck in Hoffman Estates during the “Polar Vortex” and after waiting over 6 hours for a battery jump thru my insurance company – the company they sent was unsuccessful but would not tow my car anywhere either. Then I proceeded to have to wait. After waiting another 38 hours with still no one dispatched thru insurance, I went on my own and reached Speedy. They came out in about an hour and jumped my car right away and I have had not problems with the battery since. (Insurance did finally call me another 8 hours later to say someone would be on their way soon…) Thank you for such wonderful, fast & exceptional service AND the driver was very knowledgeable and friendly (even while working on his day off)!!!

Ray C

I was impressed with the professionalism of Speed G Towing. From the moment I called I was greeted well and they setup the tow service for recovery in an hour and sure enough they were there before the hour. The driver was very curteous and very helpful to point out a safety concern on our truck I was unaware of. Thank you Speedy G. A class act outfit.


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