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Jose Macias, the tow truck driver is extremely nice and helpful! He helped my husband and I push a 1970’s van with two flat tires out of an alley in Chicago! He got to us fast! This is my first time using this towing company and I am very pleased! We went from Chicago to Crystal Lake IL. I am definitely keeping this number handy and will share my great experience with others!

Brooke V, Crystal Lake, IL
Recovery Services

I recently had my car towed by Terrance Burns. He made it to me in the blink of an eye and was a pleasure to meet. He was courteous, knowledgeable and experienced. I will definitely recommend this company thanks to my experience.

Erin M, South Barrington, IL

They were very professional when answering the phone and were a third of the price of their competitors the car was 30 min away from the home and the whole ordeal took a little over an hour. Very courteous driver that called to ask where exactly we wanted the car dropped off. I also loved the way that when I called to change a minor detail a different person answered the phone and knew exactly what i was calling for, I didn’t have to explain my self a second time. Great customer service.

Olivia R, South Barrington, IL
Relocation Towing

I would highly recommend this company. Polite, professional, and fast. We called a competitor and got jerked around for several hours, finally told them forget it and called Speedy G. They were at our home in 30 minutes, and got the job done without issue. The guy was not only polite, but genuinely a sweetheart and good at his job. Towed our vehicle and delivered it on time. Speedy G Towing has our recommendation for good.

Maggie M, Carpentersville , IL
Private Property Towing

Amazing! They came out while I was in a rental car. Thought I had a flat tire and the driver let me know I didn’t, but a piece was coming off the bottom of the car. Spent time in the freezing cold to fix it so I was able to drive back into the city. Very nice and I would recommend to anyone!

Devon C, Chicago, IL
Recovery Services
Tire Change

Phenomenal service and nice driver. He rescued my daughter who had a flat tire on a Sunday afternoon. Super careful with the brand new car. I would highly recommend them.

Kat Q, Palatine, IL
Tire Change

Highly recommended! They really helped me out in a jam, very fast and helpful!

Sam S, Crystal Lake, IL
Tire Change

I have used them a few times. Always on time, very reasonable rates. Great customer service in office too. Highly recommend. Thanks so much

Theresa H, Palatine, IL

Jose was at the scene within 5 minutes!! The car was on the flatbed and enroute within 10 minutes. FAST and Courteous, Highly Recommended!

Chuck J, Palatine, IL

Muy buen servicio cada vez que necesito les llamó muy rápidos gracias.

Juan R, South Barrington, IL

50 W Higgins Rd
South Barrington, Illinois 60010
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