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Heavy Duty Towing in the Chicagoland Area!

Whether you drive a tractor trailer, school bus, or are in the move heavy equipment, you need to be ready for many different situations. Driving these types of heavy-duty vehicles requires careful planning. Being prepared from a minor fender bender, a serious accident or a vehicle break down can be dangerous and cost your lost wages.  Professional drivers who transport heavy and large vehicles must have a plan in case of emergencies or break-downs.

There are many possible dangers when driving a large vehicle, such a getting stuck in a jackknife position, dealing with spilled cargo from high winds or a roll-over accident. It is imperative you drive defensively, always being cognizant of your surroundings, taking note of visibility, weather conditions, other commuters, and your speed. For example, if it is near sunset and fog is beginning to form it is best to slow down rather than try to make better time.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, accidents and problems still occur. If you become involved in an accident or other situation you need to take precautions to stay out of harm’s way before help arrives.  Depending on the severity of the accident you may need the police or an ambulance to assist you, in addition to a heavy-duty tow truck.

When faced with a situation that requires immediate assistance you need to know who to contact. You want someone who has experienced lifting, extracting and getting large vehicles back on the road. Speedy G Towing located adjacent to all major Chicago Interstates provides heavy duty towing and recovery services. They can address roll-overs, stuck trailers, jackknifes and other complicated accidents.

Based in Schaumburg, Speedy G Towing services the entire Chicago metropolitan area from McHenry to Aurora and Genoa to Northbrook. They provide Roadside assistance and towing is available along I90, I290, I294, I355, I88, 53, 55, and 59. Speedy G’s heavy-duty and recovery tow truck drivers are extremely familiar with local traffic conditions and of the volatile and often unpredictable weather that can cause issues for your vehicle.

Speedy G has access to and utilizes the very best heavy-duty tow trucks and equipment that are specially made to handle the high stresses large vehicles demand. They can tow just about every type of large vehicle including motor homes, construction equipment, campers, boats, and even RVs!

In addition, Speedy G Towing provides super duty towing, landoll, transportation, and trailer towing, and transporting heavy equipment.   Speedy G is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Day or night, weekday or holiday, know you can contact Speedy G any time you need them. Many experienced drivers and dispatchers at multiple locations are ready to answer your call and get you the assistance you require in the most efficient manner possible.

Speedy G Towing has been serving Chicagoland for more than 20 years. Program their number 224-633-1185 into your phone right and rest easy knowing if you need assistance, Speedy G has you covered.

50 W Higgins Rd
South Barrington, Illinois 60010
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