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Speedy’s Truck & Trailer Repair, Mobile Road Service Elgin IL, 60120

Speedy’s Truck & Trailer Repair, Mobile Road Service Elgin IL, 60120

Whether you are just driving through the Chicagoland area or you are on your regular route, if you have a truck & trailer breakdown, we can help. We have the tools to give your diesel engine diagnostics and have a mobile truck to help find out what’s going on. If you need a tow back to our repair shop, we also have tow trucks that are heavy-duty enough to haul your tractor trailer. That’s where we can do more extensive repairs without vehicles whizzing by on I-90. It’s a dangerous spot for anyone to be in. We’ll help get you back on the road with the diagnostic tools that we have available.

Just picture it.

You are cruising down I-90 at 70mph between Des Plaines and Elgin in Illinois and you hear a noise start to come from your engine. Of course, it’s not a regular noise from your engine – because you know the sounds your semi truck usually puts out.  You safely pull over and put on your flashers, so other drivers know they need to move over to give you more room to work. Most will move over, although some won’t, you decide to pull out some orange triangles to place behind your semi-tractor will help alert them as well. You start to go over the checklist of what could possibly have happened or what could make your truck start making that sound. While you are an expert with your truck, after a while, you just can’t figure it out – especially with a diagnostic tool. You decide to call Speedy G at 847-844-1400 and we dispatch our team of experts to help you out 24/7. If we can’t help you while on the side of Interstate, we’ll give you a tow to our shop. That sound you hear in your engine? No doubt it’ll ruin your engine if you keep running with it, and we know that’s going to get even more expensive. Nobody wants that. Not to mention the delay in getting your haul to where it needs to go, we know that won’t make your boss happy.

Better safe than sorry.

Our heavy-duty tow trucks haul most large vehicles including tractor trailers, school buses, full-loaded semis, straight trucks, dump trucks, construction equipment, fire equipment, motor homes, and RVs.

Speedy G Towing knows the importance of getting your truck or large vehicle back on the road. We offer Semi Truck Towing & Recovery Services. We cover all of Chicagoland, all major highways, I-90, I-290, I-294, I-355, I-88, IL-53, and I-55. Speedy G Towing can tow any large-size vehicle, anywhere at any time.

50 W Higgins Rd
South Barrington, Illinois 60010
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