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Winterizing Your Car


Make Winter Installations

Sometimes your regular gear just won’t cut it in the frigid winter weather. For example, your summer windshield wipers won’t help to keep beads of ice from forming on the blades, but winter wipers are a little more heavy-duty and perfect for snowy, icy weather. Similarly, winter tires are specially made for cold weather and will help you keep a better grip on the road.

Fill What Needs Filling

Whether your oil needs changing, your washer fluid needs to be refilled, or you’re running low on gas, not properly attending to these issues can leave you cold and on the roadside. Be sure to service your car early to make sure things like your oil, battery, and antifreeze are all in prime condition. Make sure you have enough tire pressure too!

Prepare Yourself

There’s a long list of emergency items you might need for the winter, but it pays to have them on hand any time of year. We’ve gone over a few of the necessities to make sure you’re covered in case of an emergency, but at the very least you’ll need things like an ice-scraper and some extra winter clothes for those really cold days. Having to dig your car out of the snow is bad enough, but try doing it without a scraper or gloves!

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