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What to do When You Break Down

Break Down
Roadside Assistance

First, whether you get a flat tire or run out of gas, the best thing to do is to ease your foot off the accelerator and carefully try to get yourself to the side of the road. Don’t brake suddenly and make sure you’re signaling your next move to the drivers around you.

Once you’re off the road, it’s important to make you and your vehicle clearly visible to traffic. Using reflectors and/or flares can be extremely helpful in signaling your location to other drivers. Be sure to turn on your emergency flashers as well.

With you and your car fully visible, you can then assess the issue and whether or not you’ll be able to make the necessary repairs or adjustments on your own. If you get a flat and want to change it, be sure that you have enough room to safely do so without endangering yourself or the traffic around you.

When you can’t make immediate repairs, it’s best to call in professionals. Whether they can make a quick fix there on the road or tow you to the nearest service center, a Professional Towing Service like Speedy G will help you get through the breakdown with ease and comfort. Remember, the main priority when you break down is your safety and the safety of drivers around you. When you’re most in need, be sure to give us a call or book a tow online for quick, effective roadside assistance in the Rolling Meadows area.

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