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Category Archives: Break Down

Tips To Stay Safe While Waiting For A Tow Truck

Traffic can get pretty bad here in the Chicagoland area, especially between Downtown and the Suburbs. You’ll need a reliable towing service at some point after an accident. Do Not Panic It is best not to panic and increase your stress levels if something has happened to your car and you need a tow. It […]


10 More Things Tow Truck Drivers Wished You Knew – Part 2

We respect our tow truck drivers, so here are just a few things they want you to know – so you may respect them out there on the road, just a little bit more. 10. They Are On Call Classic ‘On Call’ professions you may think of are doctors, police, or firefighters. But tow truck […]


10 Things Tow Truck Drivers Wished You Knew – Part 1

Tow truck drivers have a tough job to do. It takes a special person to answer a phone call and head out in bad weather to tow someone out of a ditch. What You Need To Know They Need More Space Slow down, move over and give them room. Our tow truck drivers tell us […]


What to Expect When Calling A Tow Truck Company

Of course calling us at 847-844-1400 wasn’t on your agenda today, but your vehicle or rig had other plans they didn’t alert you of. We understand you are in a frustrating situation that nobody wants to be in. Here’s how to help us from the other end of the phone line. Remain Calm – if […]


5 Reasons to Call A Tow Truck

Obviously you don’t want to call a tow truck around every corner, and we don’t really want that for you, either. But what are some good reasons to call a tow truck? Here are 5 good reasons to call a tow truck, and we completely understand if you are in any of these situations. Engine […]


Speedy’s Truck-Stop Roadside Service, Truck Repair Hampshire IL 60140

Stuck at a truck stop in Northern Illinois or along the I-90 corridor? Speedy G Towing Service can help you day or night 24/7. Between Belvidere and Rosemount, Illinois we know most of the truck stops along the I-90 corridor. We’ve even visited a few at a time on busy days. We do need to […]


Roadside Assistance – our other services

Just because you find yourself on the side of the road, doesn’t necessarily mean you need a tow. Sometimes you need a little more gas to get where you are going, or maybe you need a jump start. We can do both and more!  Tire Change Don’t have the muscles – or the tools – […]


Tips to Help Your Tow Truck Driver

At some point in your life, you will find yourself on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck driver. Or the tow truck driver can’t make it to you right away – in cases of extreme weather, this happens from time to time, when everyone is busy. So you find your car […]


Winching Service, Winch Out, Ditch Pull Outs

No matter how careful a driver may be, there are times when a motorist will run into trouble on the road. Sometimes these issues can be fairly minor, such as a slow leak in a tire, locked out of a car, getting caught in heavy traffic or just requiring a jump. Unfortunately, there are occasions […]


Roadside Safety Tips to Follow if you are Stranded

No one wants to experience trouble with their vehicle on the road but unfortunately problems do occur. In fact, if you drive long enough, it is almost inevitable you will need to deal with this situation at some point. If you are the victim of a vehicle breakdown staying safe and calling for help should […]

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