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Tips To Stay Safe While Waiting For A Tow Truck

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Roadside Assistance

Traffic can get pretty bad here in the Chicagoland area, especially between Downtown and the Suburbs. You’ll need a reliable towing service at some point after an accident.

Do Not Panic

It is best not to panic and increase your stress levels if something has happened to your car and you need a tow. It is very important to stay calm in the case of an emergency.

We’ve found some tips to stay safe while waiting for your tow truck driver to arrive:

  • Locate Your IDs to show your driver, and ask for your tow truck driver’s IDs if you don’t feel comfortable.
  • Stay Safe while waiting for your tow, if you can move your vehicle. Get others to help you move your vehicle safely out of the way of traffic. If not, you’ll need to stay in your vehicle or
  • Exit From The Passenger Side once your tow truck arrives you’ll need to provide the driver with your ID, your insurance card, and your vehicle’s registration. Exit the vehicle if it’s safe from the driver’s side, or use the passenger side if that makes sense.
  • Mark Your Location to know where you are, if you do this before you call the tow truck company, this will help. Take note of any landmarks you can see or street signs.
  • Turn On Your Hazzard Lights day or night after you pull over on the side of the road. This allows other drivers to know you need help and gives you a little extra room. If you have flares or reflective triangles it’s time to deploy them.
  • Collect Your Belongings to make sure you have your purse, wallet, coat or jacket, insurance information, and any valuables that you don’t want to leave in your car once your tow truck driver takes your vehicle.

Why Might You Need A Tow

Not sure if you need a tow? You might need to call for a tow truck if you have been locked out of your car or if your tires need an emergency replacement, if your battery needs a jumpstart, or if you’ve had an accident. Weather-related issues also qualify for instance – if your vehicle is stuck in the snow. Call us at 847-844-1400 if any of these issues apply to you.

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