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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Abandoned and Illegally Parked Vehicles

Where we live and work is an important part of our lives. Most people strive to keep their homes looking nice and well maintained. Conversely, sights such as litter, dirt and spaces being occupied unnecessarily provides a negative feel to our environment. Some prime examples: an abandoned car a vehicle that is parked illegally Simply […]


Roadside Safety Tips to Follow if you are Stranded

No one wants to experience trouble with their vehicle on the road but unfortunately problems do occur. In fact, if you drive long enough, it is almost inevitable you will need to deal with this situation at some point. If you are the victim of a vehicle breakdown staying safe and calling for help should […]


Moving Illegally Parked Vehicles

Parking a vehicle can be a major problem in a large city as well as a smaller town or community.  As our population continues to increase, and more businesses take up shop in different neighborhoods, it is easy to see the reason why. Compounding matters is the unfortunate fact that many people park illegally. Oftentimes, […]

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