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Our Towing Services

SpeedyG can recover any vehicle, anywhere, in any scenario. It’s not just a tagline, it’s true. There are different types of tow trucks built for different types of loads. Our team has experienced many difficult situations in the past, and we have helped all of our customers out of them. Read about what our customers […]


10 More Things Tow Truck Drivers Wished You Knew – Part 2

We respect our tow truck drivers, so here are just a few things they want you to know – so you may respect them out there on the road, just a little bit more. 10. They Are On Call Classic ‘On Call’ professions you may think of are doctors, police, or firefighters. But tow truck […]


10 Things Tow Truck Drivers Wished You Knew – Part 1

Tow truck drivers have a tough job to do. It takes a special person to answer a phone call and head out in bad weather to tow someone out of a ditch. What You Need To Know They Need More Space Slow down, move over and give them room. Our tow truck drivers tell us […]


Who Created the First Tow Truck?

In 1916 Ernest W. Holmes, Sr. mounted the industry’s first wrecker on the body of a 1913 Cadillac. He founded the Ernest Holmes Co. in Chattanooga, Tennessee. How Come? The story goes that he was inspired after he needed blocks, ropes, and six men to pull a car out of a creek. It was a […]


5 Reasons to Call A Tow Truck

Obviously you don’t want to call a tow truck around every corner, and we don’t really want that for you, either. But what are some good reasons to call a tow truck? Here are 5 good reasons to call a tow truck, and we completely understand if you are in any of these situations. Engine […]


Interesting Facts About Tow Trucks

How Do They Work? There are several kinds of tow trucks and we find them all interesting because they all work differently, and around here at Speedy G Towing, we use them for different purposes and both small and large duty. The word tow is just that a verb, tow (of a motor vehicle or […]


What Is A Heavy Duty Winching Service?

When a motor vehicle is winched, it is moved by using a cable from a position that cannot be directly connected to a tow vehicle. In winching, a vehicle is not pulled onto a tilt bed or carrier, nor is it lifted using a tow sling. A winch maintains steady tension while winding wire around […]


What is considered Heavy Duty Towing?

So we get this question from time to time, and we can honestly answer towing your Mazda Miata is not a heavy duty towing job. The weight of a car this size is 2,341 to 2,403 lbs. and the truck that needs to tow this is not nearly as heavy as the ones that need […]


Avoiding Accidents with Large Vehicles

If your workplace is the highway and the open roads as a truck driver, you know the importance of remaining alert to enhance your safety. When hauling heavy and often bulky loads there is always the possibility of a small mishap, collision or even a serious accident. If you are involved in an incident it […]


Towing Your Antique Car

Unlike everyday vehicles, which depreciate over time as you add miles to them, classic cars may, in fact, gain value over the years. Here at SpeedyG, we know that your antique car can be one of your most prized possessions. Should something ever happen to it, whether it be weather damage, an accident, or just […]

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