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10 Things Tow Truck Drivers Wished You Knew – Part 1

Break Down
Roadside Assistance

Tow truck drivers have a tough job to do. It takes a special person to answer a phone call and head out in bad weather to tow someone out of a ditch.

What You Need To Know

  1. They Need More Space
    Slow down, move over and give them room. Our tow truck drivers tell us all the time that they are getting tailgated when they are towing a vehicle – small or large. Give them space, it takes them longer to slow down because they are towing another vehicle.
  2. The Paperwork is a Nightmare
    There’s so much information that needs to be collected before and after a tow happens. The driver needs to get the driver’s information, the car’s information, insurance information, and a report of the tow. Copies of all this information need to be forwarded to the police, insurance, owner, etc.
  3. They Never Try To Harm the Cars
    Those who have had a successful tow done on their car will tell you there is no scaring or marks done by the tow truck. This is never the intention, the idea is to transport the vehicle – as safely as possible – from point A to point B.
  4. Don’t Judge Them By The Bad Apples
    Just like every industry, the tow truck industry has bad apples. Don’t judge us by those few and far between – most of our tow truck drivers are hardworking men or women who just want to make a good living for their families.
  5. There is a School
    It takes a few special skills to hook up your vehicle – small or large – in a correct and safe way. We do offer training for our employees, but there is a school they can attend to learn more or learn new tricks.
  6. Cash is Still King
    Yes, we do accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. But with cash, there are no fees associated with that transaction. It also establishes trust, somehow we know who are cash customers are and we remember how they pay.
  7. Climbing In Your Vehicle is Unwise
    Is it legal to ride back there? Not really. Is this something we see more than we should? Yes. Is this going to stop us from towing your vehicle? No, it will not. Don’t be a bad car owner by doing this, it’s not safe.
  8. They Really Do Need to Know Your Directions
    Make sure you know where your car is located when you call, just saying at the intersection of I-90 and I-294 isn’t going to help us find your vehicle. Now saying something like the Westbound exit of I-90 to I-294 North is going to pinpoint your location for us. Knowing your North, South, West, and East directions is going to help us help you.
  9. Weather is a Serious Pain
    Snow, sleet, ice, wind, rain, hail. Sound like fun? Not usually. Especially on the side of an interstate highway while hooking up a vehicle that’s been in an accident or even down in the ditch – with cars and semis whizzing by you, none of which are slowing down, despite the bad weather.
  10. They are Considered Emergency Vehicles
    Yes, they have lights and can use them. But in order to make the traffic move smoothly once again, make room for the tow trucks. Give them extra space, just like you would a police, fire, or ambulance. Traffic will get moving again as soon as possible.


If you find yourself in a pinch, remember to call us first, at 847-844-1400. We cover all of Chicagoland, all major highways, I-90, I-290, I-294, I-355, I-88, IL-53, and I-55. Speedy G Towing can tow any large-size vehicle, anywhere at any time.

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