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Interesting Facts About Tow Trucks


How Do They Work?

There are several kinds of tow trucks and we find them all interesting because they all work differently, and around here at Speedy G Towing, we use them for different purposes and both small and large duty. The word tow is just that a verb, tow (of a motor vehicle or boat) pull (another vehicle or boat) along with a rope, chain, or tow bar.
If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, or if your vehicle is no longer functioning, you’ll need to call Speedy G at 847-844-1400. Doing this is one of the quickest ways of getting your vehicle – and you – safely out of the way of oncoming traffic until the problem or problems can be repaired.

Bracket System or Wheel Lift Tow Trucks – Each of these trucks has a yoke, and that yoke can be dropped down behind either the front two tires or the rear tires. This is then secured to provide an attachment point. The yoke is then lifted up, leaving the other set of wheels on the ground for towing. These are our smaller machines, and if your vehicle just needs a tow and doesn’t have any major damage you may see us using this type of truck.

Chain and Hook Towing – These are similar to the wheel lift tow trucks, but as the name suggests, there’s a heavy-duty chain and hook involved when hauling. The hook is connected to the vehicle usually on the bottom of the car or truck at a secure point. Once this is done, then the boom is lifted and one set is left on the ground for moving.

Flatbed Towing – The name flatbed towing refers to a horizontal bed that is used to tow vehicles. How does it get up there? The vehicle is cinched up onto the bed by tilting the bed to create a ramp and pulled onto the bed. Once the car is secured, the bed can be moved into a horizontal position and hauled anywhere. Flatbeds can be used not only for cars and trucks, but also for construction machines, motorcycles, and many other vehicles.

No matter the situation, or the type of truck we use, we’ll be glad to help you get back on the road, no matter where you are going or where you are coming from. Contact Speedy G Towing today. We are on call 24 hours a day.

We’ll Get You Back On The Road.

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