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Winter is on its way and though we may not all be fans of the cold weather, there are also some great things to look forward to! Family holidays and winter activities make the sometimes inclement weather enjoyable, but with the busyness of the holidays comes a lot of travel and stress on your vehicle. It’s during these early, pre-snow Fall months that it pays to think about driving in winter weather.

Having safety in mind, it’s important that you’re prepared. There’s not much worse than breaking down on the side of the road without a good idea of what to do next. Luckily for greater Chicago area residents, Speedy G Towing is there in case of emergency!

Cars can find themselves on the side of the road for any number of reasons. Whether it’s a blown tire, you’re locked out, or a bit of black ice sent you onto the roadside, sometimes the unfortunate happens. Many times, especially when it’s cold, these problems aren’t the kind that can be fixed right then and there. But with Speedy G Towing’s recovery services we’ll do our best to fix you up and send you on your way or, if the job isn’t fixable on site, tow you to the nearest mechanic, body shop, or service center where you can get the repairs you need.

With the best trained professionals, Speedy G Towing makes sure that we get to you as soon as we can, without a long wait. To be prepared this winter make sure to program Speedy G Towing into your phone today! Save our dispatch number into your (224) 633-1185 and bookmark http://public.towbook.com/kQw on your computer for roadside assistance.

Enjoy the fall weather, be prepared this winter, and drive safely!

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