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Fall Maintenance On Your Vehicle


We are ready for fall weather and cooler temperatures after these warm summer months. We here at Speedy G Towing have come up with a few great ideas for you to give your vehicle a once over before the snow starts to fly and the freezing winter months set in.

1. Replace Windshield Wipers

Top off the windshield wiper fluid while you are at it, that’s always a good idea when the seasons start to change. Be sure to get the correct size wiper blades for your vehicle, the local automotive store should be able to help you out with that, if you need it.

2. Check your tires

We aren’t only talking about the tire treads – which are good to measure at quarterly intervals, but also with the fluctuating temperature changes, check the tire air pressure. Be sure to have a tire gauge in your glove box, if your automobile doesn’t tell you how much pressure is in each tire, you’ll find that to be extremely handy.

3. Check all fluids

Oil, Power Steering, Brake Fluid, etc. These are all very important fluids that go into your vehicle on a fairly regular basis. When the weather gets cooler is a great time to check your oil, and see if you need to replenish it. Power Steering is helpful when turning, have you ever driven an older vehicle that didn’t have power steering? It takes some muscles! Brake Fluid is another important fluid that helps your vehicle stop, that’s the last thing anyone wants is for their brake fluid to run out and you & your vehicle to end up in a ditch. Your next move would be to call us, of course!

4. Headlight Out?

Check your lights, headlights, taillights, blinker signals, etc. Not having working lights on your vehicle could cause someone else not to be able to see you. Just because some people choose to not use their blinkers, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make sure yours are in working order. Headlights should be changed at the same time, so one isn’t brighter than the other, but this matters less and less with LED headlights that are now on the market and last much longer.

5. Give your car a good cleaning

Fall is the perfect time to get the little ones involved in helping you clean out your vehicle. Gather some trash bags and put things away where they are supposed to go – trash, recycling, clothing items, and toys are all something we regularly find in the back of our family SUV. Who knows what else the kids may find in there! They are generally rewarded with any loose change they find when they complete the job – or any other treasures they may have forgotten about.
Cooler weather is also a fantastic time to give your vehicle a wash and wax, clean off all that summer pollen and help prepare the top coat for fall weather and eventually the white stuff – although we hope not anytime soon!

As always, we are available if you need a tow or roadside assistance 24/7. Just call us at 847-844-1400.

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