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Roadside Assistance

Just because you find yourself on the side of the road, doesn’t necessarily mean you need a tow. Sometimes you need a little more gas to get where you are going, or maybe you need a jump start. We can do both and more! 

Tire Change

Don’t have the muscles – or the tools – to properly change your tire when needed? Just call us, we have the tools on our trucks to get you back on the road again. Although we recommend that you check your tire pressures on all your tires at least once a month to avoid getting a flat tire and finding yourself on the side of the road. 


Did someone – and we aren’t going to name anyone here – lock your keys in your car by accident? This happens more than people want to admit. With the right tools, we are able to unlock your vehicle swiftly. There’s no tip here, just try not to leave where the keys where the kids can get to them. 

Low on Fuel?

Can’t quite make it to the gas station? Speedy G can come out and give you enough fuel to get you moving again. Our tip here is to leave a little earlier next time to fill up on gas. Sorry, we can’t help with the gas prices, we are all stuck with that for a while. 

Engine Trouble?

Is your engine or semi-truck giving you problems? We can provide onsite truck diagnostics, we’ll help you figure out and find the code that the vehicle code is sending out. This will hopefully help you get on the road faster! 

Need Storage? 

We offer temporary secure storage for your wrecked or disabled vehicle until your insurance company can send out an adjuster. Of course, we work with and directly bill all major insurance companies. 

Read more about our Roadside Assistance services on our website. Be sure to call us at 847-844-1400 the next time you need help on the road. 

“I was impressed with the professionalism of Speedy G Towing. From the moment I called I was greeted well and they set up the tow service for recovery in an hour and sure enough they were there before the hour. The driver was very courteous and very helpful to point out a safety concern on our truck I was unaware of. Thank you Speedy G. A class act outfit.” – Ray C.

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