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Rotator Service, Speedy’s Heavy Duty Towing Hampshire IL, 60140


Rotator to the Rescue!

Speedy G Towing received a call requesting a heavy duty tow truck at the Love’s Truck Center, Hampshire IL 60140, due to a semi truck and trailer incident.

According to the truck driver, he had made a sharp turn and in the process the trailer disconnected causing the trailer to lean, falling into the ground. The trailer was maxed out with over 42,000 LBS of glass.

Once Speedy’s heavy duty towing crew arrived, they assessed the situation, secured the scene and made sure the cargo was not damaged, the driver was very fortunate that the cargo was still okay and no damage was done when the incident occurred.

Our operators now had to prepare a plan to execute the recovery service by being extra careful, very precaution making sure no faulty move was made preventing any possible damage while lifting the heavy trailer. The heavy duty towing crew then attached their rigging by hooking to secured hook points.

With everything in order our operators slowly lifted the trailer into the air and right away our operators noticed the landing gear on the trailer had been damaged when the trailer had fallen to the ground. It was a success!

The 50 ton rotator saves the day, the crew’s hard work paid off through the extensive training and are wreck-master, TRAA certification.

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South Barrington, Illinois 60010
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