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Snow Storm Incoming!

Roadside Assistance

Wave after wave of snow storms coming in this year. It seems like just when the roads are all clear, here comes another storm. Next week will be a doozy of a snowstorm that will cover Chicagoland in the white stuff once again. Of course, the highs are predicted to be above freezing during the day and below freezing at night, so that could lead to some melting refreezing and thus give us ice on the roads.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Somehow when the ice hits the pavement drivers forget to slow down. Even if you are going slow on ice, it can wreak havoc on any vehicle if you lose control. The ice takes your vehicle where it wants, and you are no longer in control. The ‘pump your breaks’ in winter advice that came from your dad has long since faded away with the standard installation of Anti-Lock Brakes on most modern vehicles.

What Should I Do?

  • Accelerate gently using low revs and shift to a higher gear as soon as possible. Be aware of potential hazards, slow down, and give yourself enough time to brake and steer. Use the second gear instead of the first to reduce the chances of the wheels slipping.
  • Maintain a greater braking distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you, especially in conditions like rain, ice, and snow; leave as much as ten times the usually recommended gap. If someone in a hurry is tailgating you, let them go around rather than making you go faster.
  • Don’t panic if the car begins to skid. You should steer gently into it. If the rear of the car is sliding to the left, for example, then steer to the left. You absolutely must not take your hands off the steering wheel or slam your foot on the brakes.
  • Make sure your headlights are on when driving through heavy snow. Do not rely solely on your daytime running lights
  • When there is no grit on the roads, avoid driving in the wheel tracks or other vehicles; packed snow is icier than fresh snow.

What Happens If I’m In An Accident?

Call us at 847-844-1400 if no one in your vehicle is injured, but your car did receive some damage. If someone does need medical attention, please call your local emergency services. Our heavy-duty tow trucks haul most large vehicles including tractor trailers, school buses, fully loaded semis, straight trucks, dump trucks, construction equipment, fire equipment, motor homes, and RVs.

Speedy G Towing knows the importance of getting your truck or large vehicle back on the road.

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