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Tips for Towing Large Vehicles

Roadside Assistance

If you drive a tractor trailer, school bus or any other large vehicle for a living, you need to be ready for many different situations. Being prepared for anything, whether is it just a minor fender bender, serious accident or ever-changing weather conditions is essential. In fact, it is in the best interest of the driver to have a plan in place for any type of emergency or inconvenience, like a tire blown out or running out of gas, for instance.

When you have a situation that requires immediate assistance you need to know who to contact. You want a company that is quick, reliable, experienced and capable of handling all types of heavy towing jobs. In this case, Speedy G Towing is your answer.

Based in Schaumburg, Speedy G Towing services the entire Chicago metropolitan area from McHenry to Aurora and Genoa to Northbrook. Since they are based in northern Illinois they are extremely familiar with local traffic conditions and of the volatile and often unpredictable weather that can cause issues for your vehicle.

Speedy G utilizes the very best heavy duty tow trucks and equipment that are specially made to handle the high stresses large vehicles demand. They can tow just about every type of large vehicle including motor homes, construction equipment and even RVs!

Also, because emergencies and troubles can crop up at any time, it is nice to know Speedy G is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Day or night, weekday or holiday, know you can contact Speedy G any time you need them. Many experienced drivers and dispatchers at multiple locations are ready to answer your call and get you the assistance you require in the most efficient manner possible.

With Speedy G you can relax and know if a difficult situation arises that help is just one phone call away. Contact Speedy G Towing today to discuss any issues or ask any questions regarding Speedy G and all the towing services they provide.

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