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Top 3 Things to Know When You Break Down

Break Down

Safety First

Your physical safety is your top priority. Take a quick self-assessment! If you are injured, seek treatment immediately. If not, assess your vehicle. Is it safe to stay in or near it? Is your vehicle on the shoulder of the road? Is there heavy traffic? And while we’re assessing, how’s the weather? Are you in extreme heat or cold? Is there low visibility on the road? Make any and all adjustments you need to keep yourself safe!

Move That Bus!

Once your safety is secured, you need to get your vehicle off the road. Two things need to happen simultaneously here. You need a tow truck and a destination for where you want your vehicle towed. Most insurance companies provide a towing service included in your coverage. Use it! Travel clubs such as AAA work just as well. Work smarter, not harder. Call your insurance company and be sure you know how many miles are covered in the tow. If you’re working without your insurance company, know that every mile is billed. Find a close destination that is safe and reliable, preferably a local mechanic. Should you be out of data range or without a smartphone, the towing company’s dispatcher is your best resource for local information.

There’s No Uber Out Here

You’ve nailed down your towing company and destination for your vehicle. Now how are you getting home? You can always ride with the driver of the tow truck to your vehicle’s destination, but should you want alternative transportation, do not wait to arrange it! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to notify your employer or loved ones to let them know where you are.

Above all, stay safe out there!

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