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We know that in the chicagoland area, you have many options to choose from when your vehicle needs a tow. Speedy G is one of the most well known and honest towing companies around the chicagoland area. Speedy G has thousands of happy customers since they sWe LOVE getting reviews and hearing your feedback. Here are a few customers we were able to make smile. We hope to earn your trust as we have theirs!

We dont call them personally, but we suggest customers that call us to give speedy g towing a call if they need a tow.

All we can is their speed is no joke. They have probably delivered over 30 cars here within the year and it is always within an hour with getting off the phone with one of our customers.” HorseStable Automotive, Google

They were very professional when answering the phone and were a third of the price of their competitors the car was 30 min away from the home and the whole ordeal took a little over an hour. Very courtieous driver that called to ask where exactly we wanted the car dropped off. I also loved the way that when i called to change a minor detail a different person answered the phone and knew exactly what i was calling for, i didn’t have to explain my self a second time.  Great customer service..” – Olivia R., Google

These are just two recent excerpts from our awesome customers!

We’d love it if you’d also consider giving us a review. We pay attention, and if your review is less than spectacular we will listen to what you are saying and make changes accordingly. Our goal is to provide great workmanship with great service.

Speedy G Towing! – 5 out of 5 stars

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Yelp – 3 out of 5 stars

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Google – 3.8 out of 5 stars

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